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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Calendar, where are you calendar

Today will be one of those days in my over active life.  I have too many things I want to do and already made promises to others for my time today.

I have to get better about using my calendar before I say yes to anything.  I forgot about taking the kids to Castles and Coasters for a picnic with their Grandma for her office.  I really wanted to head to the community garage sales in Verrado, guess I will keep looking at Craigslist.  First we have to get the house super clean in case anyone wanted to show it.  Our current house just went up for sale this week.  Luck you did not have to see all the packing, storage, donations, and other work that went in to getting the house staged. You can accumulate a lot of stuff in 9 years and 2 kids later.

I also have to take my grandmother (G.G.) to see the spec home for the new house we are building.  They just sold it so this is our last weekend to pop by and show a completed house to any family members. 

I also have to take my son to PIR to watch the NASCAR race with his dad, grandpa and great uncle after our morning as Castles and Coasters. 

For those of you who are like me and over commit...
1. First and foremost it is okay to say no to a birthday party, lunch, or anything else.  You can not let yourself get sick, grumpy with your family, or just worn down to keep everyone else happy.  With a family as large as ours I use to spend all weekend running with no down time.  I never really enjoyed the quality time I was getting because I was always so rushed.

2. Get a calendar.  I once had a boss point out that my brain does not think like most peoples.  I think in circles, and tend to blurt out something when I think of it.  I also make crazy connections that have people look at me with the WTH? look.  How in the world did that happen, I did try I few times to explain it to people but that was even more confusing for them.  Off track again I see.   So if your brain thinks straight, crooked, or in circles you need a calendar with all of your commitments on it.  I like the google calendar because I can color code it, load it on my android phone, and see if from any computer.  There are others if you have a favorite let me know I am willing to try many things.

3.  Look at the calendar before you say yes, and when you do put it on the calender at that moment.  Do not be the friend that stands people up.  Oprah taught me one life lesson about 10 years ago, when you are late it means you feel that your time is more important than the person who you made a commitment to.  Now I understand that life happens, just don't let it happen all the time.  You friend should not take a picture of you because, for the first time ever, you are on time.  It does not feel good to be the one they tell the party starts 30 minutes before it really does.

So later I will have a post about volunteering and the help I need to be successful, my quest to get organized before our move, my distressed bedroom furniture, kids...


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