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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Family Wall Art

I have spent a lot of time on Pintrest.  I think that it has a lot to do with the fact it changes every second.  There is nothing static about it so I don't get bored as easily.  With my husband away at PIR for the NASCAR race with my son and my dear daughter sleeping still I decided it was time to stop pinning and make at least one new thing.

In our new home I would like to have a photo wall, and at then end of the hallway, right outside the master bedroom is a perfect spot.  Not sure if I want just frames or frames on shelves I can keep changing as I need to.  Yes it is a NEED to change things around.

I am sure many of you are like me.  I don't always have a good way to get my vision on paper but I can sure tweak someone else's projects to fit my needs.  So with out further ado.....

I used my Creative Memories Storybook Creator 4.0 (SBC) to make a custom 8x10 item.  I added 1 text box for the dates, made it work for fonts and alignment, then I copied and pasted it 4 time.  I did the same with the caption for each date.  Lastly I added one additional text box for the title.  I like things to line up but I am also not as picky as I should be becuase I want things to be finished.  There are some great alingment tools in SBC for people like me.
I am sure you could also use Word.  I used 1/2 inch margins on the top and bottom, and 1.3 (about 6 marks down on the ruler) for each dated section.  This is great if you have 2 parents, a ceremony date, and 2 kids.

The fonts I used were
Dates - Algerian - 48 pt
Captions - Angelina - 20 pt
Red Title @ bottom - AR DECODE - 22 pt

All of these fonts came with my computer or the program.  There are tons of Free Fonts on dafont. 
Try the theme section, eroded for the dates.

I will be sending mine to Costco to print because I would like it on thicker shiny paper.
Happy Crafting


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  1. I am sorry that I can not find the origonal pin on pintest to give credit for my inspiration. Thank you if you find this, please place a link if it was you!