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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Over the rainbow you can dream

We are all on the other side of someones rainbow.  As promised I have complete the over the rainbow inspiration.  All of these prints will be going up in our "teen" room.  I want it to be fun and colorful for the kids.  If someday they get to be to big I will just move them to our living room wall to share with everyone.  Looking at them makes me happy and we all need a happy place to sit once in a while.

It has also been a full week and it is only Wednesday.  My FIL had to go to the Cath Lab for another stint.  That makes 8 I believe, and no the first 7 did not change a thing about his habits I doubt if this one will.  It also cancels our plans for an out of town trip this weekend, my DH was torn because he wanted one last trip to Buttercup before the outage at work starts but put the health of his father first.


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